About eurobest

The Festival of European Creativity

About eurobest

Creativity around Europe

From the organiser of Cannes Lions, eurobest is the world’s pre-eminent celebration of European creativity. It’s a festival that draws on the continent’s varied cultures and vibrant communities to inspire learning, interaction, debate, and a healthy dose of competition.

Welcome to eurobest

eurobest is unique. It is the only festival of ideas that moves around Europe, bringing together thousands of participants united in a common goal – to identify, discuss and celebrate the very best in European creativity.

Through its prestigious awards programme, its cutting-edge seminars and its exciting and eclectic locations, eurobest delivers inspiration and learning for the creatively curious, and those committed to producing, commissioning or distributing better work.

In 2016 eurobest moves to Rome, the birthplace of classical civilisation and wellspring of countless creative and cultural wonders ever since. We are delighted to arrive at this most iconic of places, and can’t wait to bring our delegates into eurobest’s creative melting pot against the backdrop of the eternal city.

Why Creativity?

As with its sister Festival Cannes Lions, creativity sits right at the heart of eurobest. Why? Because we believe creativity is a driving force for business, for change and for good: creative solutions are more effective, creative companies are more successful and creative communications can impact positively on the world.

Why move around?

Each year the Festival inhabits a different creative community, and with that comes the opportunity to reimagine, reinvent and experiment. Previous eurobest hosts include Stockholm, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Lisbon, Antwerp and Helsinki.

What to expect in 2016

In 2016, eurobest is excited to call Rome its new host city. Moving to such a spectacular location is a fantastic opportunity for the organisers and delegates alike – there are few cities in the world steeped in such a rich creative history, and this will be reflected in every aspect of the Festival programme.

From iconic filmmakers such as Fellini to progressive movements such as Futurism, Italy is world-renowned for its creative flair. The 2016 Festival presents a chance for the Italian creative community to showcase the new generation of visionaries helping the country to retain its place on the modern creative map.

eurobest gets bigger and better every year. Last year we saw 2000 attendees from 40 countries over three days, as well as over 4000 entries. Make sure you are part of eurobest 2016 in Rome. 

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