Innovation Day

Innovation and technology are powerful ingredients in effective creativity, so at this year's eurobest there is an full day of cutting-edge innovation content and thought leadership to explore and enjoy.

A shared future Death of the creative director
Whether it’s sharing gifs and memes on Snapchat or Twitter, or erasing the middleman from transactions via Uber, Spotify or Airbnb, the sharing economy in Italy alone is worth THREE BILLION EUROS and rising.

Join Phil Rowley, Global Innovation Director at PHD Worldwide as he explores how the digital revolution is supercharging the simple human act of sharing, and fostering a new era in online collaboration and co-operation. Brand's can’t afford to not be part of it.
The world is changing fast. Technology is evolving, consumers are becoming more demanding, and talented employees have grown increasingly discerning about where they want to work. The pressure is on for companies to transform their working practices and become more creative – and yet many are struggling to pull it off.

Charlie Lyons, managing director of Beyond will outline his vision for a fresh approach that gives creative ownership to everyone – Applied Creativity.

"The Creative Director is Dead!' is at 13:45 on Wednesday 30 November
Be more start-up Live Innovation Judging
More and more agencies and brands are interested in innovating through collaboration with the startup world.

This panel, hosted by The Backscratchers explores the different relationships in the agency, brand and startup world and takes a hard look at what works, what doesn't, and what needs to change if agencies and brands want to truly innovate. Hosted by four women who have lived and breathed innovation, this panel promises to be quite unlike anything you've seen before.

Featuring speakers:

Jody Orsborn, Brittney Bean, Hannah Blake, Jess Williamson
See the shortlisted entrants to this year's Innovation eurobest category, and watch the jury interrogate the contestants in the only judging session that is open to the public.

This year's Innovation Jury president is Lucio Rufio, Executive Creative Director at R/GA London. Schedule:

10:30 - 13:00
: Live innovation judging: first session

13:00 - 13:30
: 'The Rise of The Sharing Economy', presented by PHD

13:45 - 14:15: 'The Creative Director is Dead!', presented by Beyond

14:30 - 15:00
: 'Be More Startup', presented by The Backscratchers + Guests

15:15 - 17:45: Live Innovation judging: second session