Nine more unmissable sessions at eurobest

1.The robot Rembrandt that won 16 Lions
Hear the story behind J Walter Thompson’s Grand Prix-winning ‘The Next Rembrandt’ project in a gallery packed with masterpieces by some of the artist’s contemporaries. 

2. The science of creativity
What does creativity mean to the human brain? A trio of creative leaders explain and remind you how to refuel your creative thinking.

3. The Italian (Design) Job
From the Olivetti typewriter to the Gaggia coffee machine, the influence of Italian design is far-reaching – and Creative Director Roberto Baggati will examine its effects on branding today.

4. Drag up
Hear the identity conversation taken to the extreme with everyone’s favourite bearded lady Timberlina Redfern, FinchFactor’s Kerrie Finch and Lucy Jane Parkinson – the award-winning drag king LoUis CYfer.

5. The stories behind Brexit
Is there a recipe for directing the mood of a nation? BMB’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer take a look at national campaigns across Europe that both succeeded and failed in delivering their message.

6. Building better culture
Designer David Bailey ran his own successful studio and was named one of the '50 Creative Greats', now he’s inspiring culture change as creative director of User Experience and Design at the BBC. 

7. Cardio creative
Expect ideas, sweat and pounding heart rates as N2’s Harri Pasanen and TWBA Helsinki’s Jyrki Poutanen demonstrate the power of cardio creativity in the Treadmill Talk Show. 

8. Drag up
Two rising stars from BBH Live investigate the unintended consequences of ‘big ideas’ and the need for a different type of influence in an industry transfixed by ‘influence culture’. 

9. Feel the fear
While fear can be uncomfortable to discuss, it can also boost our creativity. Wunderman UK’s Rob Curran bravely dissects the topic of fear in all its forms and reveals why fear governs so much of our behavior.