Why I love eurobest

by XXS Amsterdam's Remy Kurpershoek

Last year was my favourite eurobest so far. But then I may be biased as it was the year I appeared on stage as one of the speakers. I spoke about the credibility of brands tapping into modern culture with our client, Schweppes' Brand Strategist Jaap van de Weg.

We shared learnings from the campaign 'The Makers of Today' – providing the audience with insights on innovative ways for brands to utilise culture in their brand messaging. It was great to celebrate our collaboration and shed light on our work together with Europe's finest.

Being at the festival with a client was great. We took the time to inspire each other by discussing the best local work of the year, which was actually a subject we touched upon in our talk: the way our agency-client relationship is based on inspiring each other with great work, both in advertising and beyond. I truly believe that being at a festival like eurobest with a client reflects many aspects of what the festival is all about: discovering new ways to work, inspiring each other with talks and exploring new boundaries within our industry.  

It was no surprise that the campaign we discussed on stage shared a similar theme. The theme of ‘collaboration’. Collaboration between client and agency. Collaboration between a brand, in our case Schweppes, and the people that contributed to the campaign.

The focus that eurobest puts on European creativity makes the festival really special. 'The Makers of Today' was about celebrating the European brand heritage of Schweppes and the people who have shaped it along the way. It provides a platform to celebrate the stellar local work that might get 'lost' at bigger international festivals.

Our ending quote at the stage in Antwerp wraps up my thoughts regarding eurobest nicely: “It’s not your creative department that needs inspiration, it’s your clients. Inspire them to be brave and bring it from outside the small world of advertising.”