About the venues

Palazzo Barberini

A host of high-profile architects designed it and Italian art from the early Renaissance to the late Baroque periods lines its walls. Now the magnificent 17th century Palazzo Barberini is throwing open its doors to the melting pot of makers, shapers and doers heading to Rome for eurobest 2016.

The palace was commissioned in 1627 after Pope Urban VIII gifted the site to a nephew, who set about creating a property worthy of the powerful Barberini family as they rose to papal power. Renowned architects Maderno, Borromini and Bernini each contributed their own unique flair and character until its completion in 1633. The result was revolutionary: a three-storey suburban villa set on what was then the edge of Rome and a landmark of the Roman Baroque style.

The National Gallery of Ancient Art is housed inside the Barberini, featuring paintings by the likes of Raphael, Caravaggio and Titian, while the show-stopping Gran Salone ballroom is painted by the master of Roman Baroque, Pietro da Cortona.

Address: Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13, 00186 Roma, Italy


Teatro Ambra Jovinelli

The theatre was founded by Giuseppe Jovinelli, who wanted to build a luxurious hall devoted to the arts. It is built in the ancient Esquilino quarter of Rome.



Acquario Romano

Designed and built as Rome’s aquarium, the 19th century Acquario Romano only housed sea life for a few years before being transformed into a museum and exhibition space that has earned its rep as an architectural cultural centre.

With Roman ruins in the garden and the only hint of its watery past in the sea creatures carved into the walls, it’s a building with an eclectic and curious history. And now it’ll see delegates celebrating and toasting their success at the spectacular eurobest After Party. 

 Address Via Guglielmo Pepe, 45, 00185 Roma, Italy  Address: Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 38, Roma, Italy