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Jonathan Fraser

Jonathan Fraser

Chief Strategy Officer, Exposure
Fraser has been a planner for the past 16 years and has been centrally involved in some of the biggest changes within the industry. As such, he’s given numerous talks on unique ways to improve the craft and purpose of planning.

Exposure has become the shining example of how Fraser believes planning should be. It’s a process that stops planning being over intellectualised and more focused on supporting effective creativity. It is the only agency where there is no divide between planners and creatives, and they’re often the same person.

During his career, Fraser has launched Xbox 360, developed Coca-Cola’s global communication models across all brands, taken Innocent smoothies to first place in the top social brands league, developed McDonalds’ award-winning 2012 Olympics campaign and helped create the hugely successful #LikeaGirl campaign for Always.

He has also used creative skills learned in the industry to develop two TV shows that ran across Europe and the USA.

Jonathan will be speaking at "The Art of Stealing" at eurobest

Stealing ideas is one of the most taboo acts within our industry. However should it be such a bad thing? It is often said that there is no such thing as a new idea, yet everyone in our industry is constantly searching for one.

I believe that stealing ideas is ok, if not necessary for excellent creativity. The key is how you steal.

In this session I propose to break down the stigma of stealing and teach everyone that stealing is in fact a great creative tool, if you steal the right way.

I will show examples of how stealing has led to some of the greatest creative thinking in our industry and teach everyone the rules to how to steal effectively.