Verbalisation: A sense of wonder - magic secrets for creatives

Thursday 1 December

1530 - 1600

Marmi Room

Hosted by: Verbalisation

In a world where brands are constantly ‘on show’, how can we use psychology to give our audiences a sense of wonder? This interactive session invites you behind the curtain to discover the surprising similarities between magic and marketing, illustrated with tricks that confound the senses.

You’ll learn three psychological principles from magic (e.g. attention, assumptions and memory-shaping words) and how they can be applied to enhance your communications. After seeing these principles in action in an engaging keynote, you’ll get the chance to apply them by learning some magic yourself. You’ll come away with inspiring ideas for the office, and amazing tricks for the bar.

Created specifically for eurobest by a communications agency that employs behavioural psychologists, linguists and a magician in its quest for more effective creativity.

Access Digital Academy, Full Delegate, Marketers Academy, Young Creative, Student
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