The Backscratchers: Be more start-up

Wednesday 30 November

1430 - 1500

Marmi Room

Hosted by: The Backscratchers

More and more agencies and brands are interested in innovating through the close proximity to/ collaboration with the start-up world. Many are either starting innovation teams or creating positions within their own organisations to work directly with start-ups, or they are going a step further and creating their own branded accelerator programme. 

In this discussion, a start-up founder, the head of a branded accelerator and an agency innovation director will explore the world of agencies, brands and start-ups. They’ll take a hard look at what works, what doesn't and what needs to change if agencies and brands want to truly innovate (as told by three women who have ‘lived and breathed’ it).

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Student, Young Creative
Event type Talk
Categories Innovation | Identity | Diversity