Crispin Porter + Bogusky: Cultivating creativity - Unleashing the power within every human brain

Wednesday 30 November

1200 - 1230

Cortona Room

Hosted by: CP+B

CP+B London’s rallying cry is ‘creativity is the cure’. It believes creativity should be recognised and nurtured as a universal, powerful and transformative attribute of the human race. One which fosters societal well-being, contributes to the development of dynamic economies and unlocks intellectual capital for businesses.

But first, perhaps we all need to better understand what ‘creativity’ actually means to the human brain.

Recent academic research into the brain and creative activity has revealed that rather than being hard-wired, humans are in fact ‘live-wired’, endlessly adaptable beings – inherently capable of deep creative thinking.  But unless that creativity is valued and nurtured from birth, humans' creative abilities tend to dwindle as we age. 

In this session, CP+B London will join forces with the Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity to take us on a creative journey of discovery and inspiration, including a live test of the adult audience that will underline Albert Einstein's famous quote: “To stimulate creativity, one must be more child-like.” The session will finish with a ten-point reminder of how to (re)fuel creative adult minds.

Access Full Delegate, Student, Young Creative, Marketers Academy, Digital Academy
Event type Talk
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