Mindscapes: Creating ideas which create business

Friday 2 December

1430 - 1500

Bernini Room

Hosted by: Mindscapes

What if agencies stop thinking of themselves as creators of advertising? Believe it or not, agencies can produce much more than advertising ideas.

Are you ready to challenge existing accepted practices? Why not use your creative assets for creating new business opportunities through product innovation? In today’s reality, creative agencies can do much more than advertising. Agencies can use their creative assets to generate new business by creating innovative products or services for their clients.

Products, which are born from the brand story or the brand idea, thereby translating the brand narrative into new business opportunities. Surprising as it may sound, there is a precise methodology for generating such ideas This seminar presents some of the most inspiring, creative, business generating and award-winning ideas, and the specific methodology and thinking tools behind these ideas. 

Join this seminar to learn how to look at client’s briefs as an opportunity and a hidden invitation to develop a new product/service invention; and see how to enable your agency to incorporate product innovation as an integral part of its offerings to clients.

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Student, Young Creative
Event type Talk
Categories Innovation