Imago Ogilvy: CROativity! (Or, how creative are Croatians?)

Friday 2 December

1130 - 1200

Marmi Room

Hosted by: Imago Ogilvy

Even if you somehow know something about Croatia, you would never associate it with creativity. But do you know that Croats has invented alternate electricity, mp3 player, remote controller, parachute, pen, tie, torpedo, etc? Sure, we invented all of those things, and there some, but somebody else made fortune out of it, not us. Croats are inventive, engaging, good craftsman - all of the characteristics needed to create great marketing communication! So, why did it take 63 years to win our first CannesLion? Maybe somebody else wins prizes for our ideas? That is what we call CROativity- everybody makes profit using Croatian creativity. Except Croats. So, if you’re not a Croat you should be here.

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Student, Young Creative
Event type Talk
Categories Identity