Userfarm: Meet Dynamo the fish

Wednesday 30 November

1700 - 1730

Bernini Room

Hosted by: Userfam

April 10th, something special happened: new experiences, ways to sense life, new ways to tell the extraordinary were brought to life though videos. A girl discovered her most important sense. A teenager had a prophetic dream about a parallel world. A young man cut his beard Hundreds of these stories were brought to life in a unique hub, enabling one key facet of collective intelligence: collective creativity. This is the story of 384 filmmakers from 40 Countries who produced each a short movie to show the world their extraordinary in a vertical format. This contest was run under the Nespresso Talents, launched at the Berlinale and culminated with a showcase of winners during the Cannes Film Festival. The crowd produced short movies in such numbers and such quality. How did it happen? Thanks to Dynamo, the fish which taught us how to reverse the traditional creative process:we ask the right question to its tail and let him generate as many kids as possible, in order to converge in the most amazing content the fish head and then make a real choice.

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Young Creative, Student
Event type Talk
Categories Diversity | Sense