Don't Panic: ROFL - Why advertising needs its sense of humour back

Thursday 1 December

1500 - 1530

Cortona Room

Hosted by: Don't Panic

Humans laugh before they speak, and smiles are one of the most important ways we connect with each other. But when did advertising lose its sense of humour? For decades, the likes of Heineken and PG Tips made us laugh with tongue-in-cheek adverts. Now, advertising has thrown endorphin-inducing laughter out in favour of tears.

BAFTA awarded comedic writer, Joe Wade made a name for himself writing and producing satirical comedy both on and offline, before setting up creative shop, Don’t Panic.  The agency’s Cannes Lion winning viral content is created by applying the same rules to brand advertising as it does to its work on the likes of BBC Show The Revolution Will be Televised.

In an interactive session, Wade will prove the power of humour in advertising, the importance of cultural relevance and topicality, and offer advice on how to create genuinely funny stories that deliver strong brand messages.

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Student, Young Creative
Event type Talk
Categories Identity