Sylvain Labs: What if you’re insensitive?: How empathy and sensitivity drive success

Wednesday 30 November

1600 - 1630

Cortona Room

Hosted by: Sylvain Labs

Being sensitive has historically been seen as a weakness, a sign of fragility or a mark of the overwrought. But what if we’ve had it all wrong? What if being sensitive to others, the way they think and feel, is the path forward? What if the solution we’ve been looking for is to increase our sensitivity to each other, to social dynamics and culture? What if the most powerful statement a person or brand can make is, “I understand”? What if there was a way you could fix all of that?

This isn’t about political correctness, it’s about systematically training ourselves to mentally climb into other people's shoes. By breaking outside our self-focused bubbles and looking outward, we become more sensitive to those around us and more open to new ideas. Open to the idea that our first instinct might be wrong, and more attuned to ways of fixing it.

In this presentation, Alain Sylvain, founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs, will explore how becoming a more sensitive human being is the key to making us more effective innovators. Through an insightful and entertaining presentation, Alain Sylvain, founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs, will ask if today’s marketing and innovation is going far enough beyond the “Big 5” to satisfy our deep senses.

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Student, Young Creative
Event type Talk
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