J. Walter Thompson: The next Rembrandt - challenging the identity of man

Wednesday 30 November

1300 - 1330

Marmi Room

Hosted by: J. Walter Thompson

Rembrandt is almost universally lauded as one of the greatest painters of all time and this artist had a highly complex relationship with portraiture. He used the form to try to make sense of what he saw in terms of emotion, personality, anatomy, composition and the interaction of light and shadow.

These observations took form in brushstrokes resulting in some of his most famous and moving artworks. Is this intensely skilful process of creativity, that you could call genius, a uniquely human capability? Or is it possible to teach a computer to paint like an old master?

In this session Bas Korsten, Executive Creative Director and creative force behind double Cannes Lions Grand Prix winning project The Next Rembrandt, talks about how it took a whole team of art historians, material researchers, data scientists, engineers and one advertising agency over 18 months to take on this most controversial of challenges: how to teach a machine to think, act and paint like Rembrandt.

Can creativity be distilled into a series of computer algorithms – and whether zeros and ones can create a reflection of man’s identity.

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Student, Young Creative
Event type Talk
Categories Innovation