BBDO Moscow: The sense of national identity - just politics or marketing tool?

Thursday 1 December

1330 - 1350

Bernini Room

Hosted by: BBDO Moscow

Global vs local is a hot marketing topic. Universal insights and local cues are important success factors for brands in local markets. However looking at Russian history one can add one more factor - the sense of national identity. When Perestroika opened Russia to the West people desperately longed for western acceptance. Western icons like Snickers and Coca Cola were welcomed as they gave that sense of belonging. Even Big Russian brands strived for Western endorsement. But in 2014 a number of events isolated Russia and led to growth of national self-acceptance. 

This is proven by numerous artifacts such as Cyrillic letters on the Russian Olympic team uniform. This trend was brilliantly used by Nike #PlayRussian campaign.  The point I want to make in the presentation is as follows. The degree of localization depends on the sense of the national identity. If it is low, no localization is needed. If it is high, this cannot be ignored.

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