PHD: The rise of the sharing economy

Friday 2 December

1200 - 1230

Cortona Room

Hosted by: PHD Worldwide

The digital revolution is supercharging the simple human act of sharing and fostering a new era in online collaboration and cooperation.

And brands can’t afford to not be part of it. 

Whether it’s sharing gifs and memes on Snapchat or Twitter, or erasing the middleman from transactions via Uber, Spotify or Airbnb, the sharing economy in Italy alone is worth THREE BILLION EUROS and rising. This led Wired founder, Kevin Kelly, to state: “The key innovations in the next 20 years will be built on our ability to share on a scale of which we have not shared before.”

Join PHD as we, too, share how brands can become an intrinsic part of this sharing economy – from adding value to sharing communities, to allowing advocates to ‘wiki’ your brand values – and examine how to prepare for very different future indeed.

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Student, Young Creative
Event type Talk
Categories Innovation