Izmalkowa: We are all liars. Thats the truth

Wednesday 30 November

1615 - 1645

Bernini Room

Hosted by: IZMALKOWA

We all lie. At least twice during one hour. 90% of the lies we tell are never discovered. Psychologists say that the key to a successful relationship is our ability to lie to our partners and make them feel good.

But what about a brand? Can it be built on lies? Ask yourself: will a liar to give you true insights on your communication? Will a liar honestly help you judge your creative concepts? Could it be that 90% of new products fail every year because people don’t give their honest opinion about them? Lies are part of the human condition. So let’s stop thinking that people in focus groups will stop lying just because we pay them.

I will present the basic psychology of lies and answer these questions: How do we know when somebody is a liar? What situation can we create where people don’t want to lie? How to make people tell you the truth? Your business is only as good as the truth you know!

Access Full Delegate, Digital Academy, Marketers Academy, Student, Young Creative
Event type Talk