Aprais: When in Rome (& elsewhere), do as the Romans do

Friday 2 December

1330 - 1400

Marmi Room

Hosted by: Aprais

Find out why one-way street Client-Agency relationships should become two-way. 

Having personally worked for 30 plus years in marcomms (20 of which Client side - P&G, Nestlé, ReckittBenckiser) and with 10 of them as a British guy living and working in Rome, the session will leverage real-life personal and cultural experiences to show how one can relinquish 'cultural baggage', embrace new paradigms and bring about change for the better.

And nowhere needs this more than the hardwired, ingrained and learned habits of client-agency relationships and ways of working which show more similarities to Pavlov's dog. Routine behaviours drive repetition, minimal learning or progress.

The session will share emerging powerful data that shows continuous client & agency performance improvement can take place based on a paradigm shift in ways of operating. And when it occurs Creative work is judged to be 37% better by clients as a result (and Media Planning 21% better).

So if you want to find out what driving down a one-way street in Rome has to do with how Clients & Agencies work together, this could be your chance to find out. You might also find out how these behaviours will also help you get what you really want to eat in a local restaurant.

Access Full Delegate, Student, Marketers Academy, Digital Academy, Young Creative
Event type Talk
Categories Identity