What’s new for Eurobest 2020 

In 2020 the PR Eurobest award has been refreshed to ensure the Award accurately reflects the current PR industry and, across the rest of the Eurobest awards, we have extended our Culture and Context section, we have added some new categories as well as a few updates to keep them in line with industry developments. 

Refresh: PR Eurobest Award 

● We have added a new Social Engagement & Influencer Marketing section which has been reimagined from the old digital and social section. Incorporating categories such as content creation, amplification and production plus social and community engagement and influencer marketing. 

● The sections - Excellence: PR Craft and PR Techniques – ensure this award is celebrating the craft of PR. 

● An expanded Culture & Context section recognises that PR specialists are delivering culturally nuanced work at the highest level. It also honours excellence in work focused in the corporate purpose and social responsibility arena. 

Culture & Context section

The Culture & Context section celebrates work with a specific focus on local campaigns and cultural insights as well as challenger brands and breakthroughs on a budget. It now comprises seven categories across 11 Eurobest awards. 

● We have expanded the section and it now includes two separate categories for Social Behaviour and Cultural Insight

● These categories are now included in the eCommerce eurobest award. 

● Introduced the new category Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility, which replaces the old CSR category to reflect the development of work in this area. 

Film Craft Eurobest Award 

The Film Craft Eurobest Award has evolved to reflect the industry: 

● There are two new sections Production and Post-Production.

● A new category for Colour Correction / Grading.

Creative Strategy Eurobest Award

The eligibility criteria for the Creative Strategy Eurobest Award have been extended to three years, to accommodate work where the strategy must have been first implemented between 1 September 2017 - 31 October 2020.