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Introducing the evolved Creative Commerce Eurobest Award

The Creative Commerce Eurobest Award evolved from the Creative eCommerce Eurobest Award, celebrating the innovative and creative approach to online and offline commerce, payment solutions and transactional journeys.

Entries will need to demonstrate how innovation and optimisation at any point of the end to end customer journey led to increased consumer engagement and commercial success.

Refresh to the Media Eurobest Award

The Media Eurobest Award has also been refreshed for 2022 with the addition of one category to ensure the Award accurately reflects the current Media industry, and recognises the breadth of work that media agencies and specialists are engaging in. This is the ‘Co-Creation of Branded IP’ category.

The Media Eurobest Award description has been updated to ensure that the work we are celebrating is specifically creative media ideas, We have also altered the weightings of the judging criteria to place more of an emphasis on the media craft areas.

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