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Ranjini Balan

Ranjini started her journey in healthcare advertising as an associate writer at Langland (formerly Publicis LifeBrands), switching from academic research to pursue creative interests. Since then, she has worked at 21GRAMS and Real Chemistry, gaining experience across Advertising, Med Comms, PR & Policy, and Clinical Trials Experience.

Ranjini hails from the coastal state of Kerala in South India and is currently settled in London. She holds a PhD in Biological Engineering with expertise in data visualization, is a published academic and an invited peer reviewer within her scientific community. In academia, she majored in Life Sciences with a minor in English Literature and pursued an additional interest in Theatre, working as a set designer in both amateur and professional theatre productions. This academic background has helped her blend scientific curiosity with a creative charge in her style of copywriting. She is also a crossword enthusiast and an avid reader of sci-fi.

From her travels, learnings, and experiences, Ranjini strongly believes that cognitive diversity and cultural equity are key to the elevation of creativity in the healthcare communication space.