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Nendra van Wielink-Mohamed

From Singapore stretching across APAC to Thailand and now the Netherlands. Nendra has always welcome the unknown and the less-trodden path. Always in pursuit of breaking barriers as a media, marketing and digital practitioner, Nendra is known for her tenacity as the driver of change.

In the last 25+ years of multi-market, multi-brand, multi-channels ASEAN and Global brand experience, Nendra has successfully led business planning, thought leadership, strategic partnership across world-class brands and developing talents that transcends across the various cultures and borders.

Nendra has a huge passion for grooming talents in the industry and is always upbeat with curiosity on ‘what else is out there’ to accelerate learnings while broadening the minds.

After more than 20 years on the agency side with several award-winning work under her belt, Nendra switched allegiance to practice media & marketing on the client side. Currently, Nendra leads multi-year strategic global projects and best practices for Center of Excellence, Global media to improve media sophistication and capabilities in Kraft Heinz.