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Kai West Schlosser

Kai West Schlosser was born in the USA and grew up in germany. Depite a diagnosis of severe dyslexia, he sucsesful completed high school. After a long string of od jobs, he graduated miami ad school in 2019. Kai now works as an inovation art director at Serviceplan Innovation in Munich.

In 2020, Kai repesentet Germany at the Roger Hatchuel Academy in Cannes, was awarded "Best Young Creative" by the Art Directors Club Europe in 2021 and, raked nr. 10 in the Cannes Lions 2022 art director rancking.

He has since worked on multible projects, from app develpment and productt inovation including the launch of a non provit canabis brand. Thees works have won him and the team multible internatonal awards, including a grand prix at Eurobest and a titanium Lion in Cannes.


Kai went on to become a published writer when Stern one of germanys biggest magazines published his article unedited documenting his experience as a creative with dyslexia. With the initiative "Dyslexia Unetided" he continues to campaign for the normalization of dyslexia in socikety.