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Juliane Ellrich

Juliane is an Executive producer of the Berlin Zauberberg family—so to say one of the 'patient zeros' at Zauberberg. She loves films that have a great sense of humor, and bring joy to the world. She very much enjoys emotional storytelling or, better said, quality and creativity in all formats.

Founded in 2018, Zauberberg Productions is the culmination of years of industry experience, professional enthusiasm, and long-trusted relationships, of which Juliane is a remarkably fast-moving young member.

Prior to working for Zauberberg, Juliane stopped off at Bigfish Filmproduktion and Markenfilm Hamburg. She has worked with a vast number of great international directors on brands like Genesis, Ford, Smart, Samsung, and VW with whom she has won multiple awards like Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show and ADC.