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Vitor Hugo Cardoso

Vitor is the Head of Content & Strategy of Mediabrands Content Studios in Lisbon. WOW! …what an entrance and what a clever way to create the idea that he’s one of those top notch professionals. And that’s precisely what he does… creation of ideas that usually persuade someone to do something. POW! First paragraph and he already did again. Well… at least, he tried.

But what kind of person can be described as the Head of something? Where´s the rest of the body? Is there a body? Is there a box? What´s in the box!?? …suddenly, it seems we´re talking about a crime and that’s making him uncomfortable. Let´s focus again and keep it professional.

Branded content, communication and marketing strategies. ‘Those are the buzzwords of his life’. It looks like some Stevie Wonder lyrics and it sounds quite cheesy but, you know… in his own words, ‘you would have to be blind to miss it’.

It´s not brain surgery but you also don´t ask a surgeon create branded content strategies. You ask Vitor to do that. That´s how things work. And speaking of work, he does all that, while keeping an eye on the creative use of media.

Well… to be honest, it sounds a lot like brain surgery.