New for 2017

Creative Data

Data is prevalent throughout almost every aspect of modern communications and touches on nearly all of mediums in some shape or form. To celebrate data’s reach - in all its forms and influence - we have expanded this year’s categories to include Data Storytelling and Data Technology.

Creative Effectiveness

Our mission at eurobest is driven by the belief that creativity is a powerful force for business, for change and for good. With this in mind we felt the time was right in 2017 to expand the award that demonstrates this belief through long-term quantifiable proof. As a result, we have added three new categories for a more comprehensive view of creativity's power. These new additions encompass creative effectiveness for marketing; longer-term effectiveness; and creative effectiveness for good.


They say design is everywhere. It is what shapes the very environments we observe every day. We are immersed in design. With this in mind, this year we are introducing an extended Brand Environment & Experience section to include spatial, sculptural and retail pop-up categories. They also say good design requires multiple perspectives to find its real purpose. To help you along this year we have expanded our communication design, packaging design and design craft categories. Good design finds its place.


Data has become integral to the direct marketing industry – from audience targeting to extrapolating meaningful results. To reflect this use of creative insight in a more accurate and meaningful way we are pleased to introduce three new data categories to the Direct Award: Data Strategy, Data-Driven Targeting and Use of Real-Time Data. We’ve also expanded our sectors to more easily define between CSR, public sector and charity.


Coming into its sophomore year and going from strength to strength, the categories for Entertainment have been tweaked for clarity and accuracy. We have also introduced big changes to ensure a wider breadth of work is recognised and celebrated. This includes a whole host of new categories for Talent, Brand Experience, Branded Games, and Sports.


There are now more ways to consume film content on more devices and screens than ever before. With this in mind, our refreshed and reconfigured Film categories return in 2017 with new additions to our Branded Content, Online Film and Screen & Events sections.

Glass: The Award for Change

In a brand new addition for eurobest, Glass: The Award for Change has arrived. Creating a space for culture-shifting creativity, this award celebrates work which sets out to positively impact ingrained gender inequality, imbalance or injustice.


Consumer health is on the up as we aim to maintain and improve our general wellbeing. So too do our Healthcare categories, returning in 2017 with a new clearly defined structure and category descriptions. A new ‘Health and Wellness Tech’ product category has also been added for all those digital products, apps, wearables and gadgets that aid a modern healthy lifestyle. Our Pharma categories have had a full health check-up and come back revitalised for a more clearly defined entry process. No new categories but all new structure and descriptions.


The bastion of ground-breaking technological solutions innovates itself in 2017 with the introduction of two new categories. ‘Technological Craft & Development’ will award the technical prowess behind the ideas, while ‘Early Stage Technology’ offers a space for prototypes and beta stage ideas.


This year the Integrated Award has been expanded to include 3 new categories focusing on the geographies and timelines of holistic, multiple media campaigns. They are Integrated local campaign (single market), European campaign (multi-market) and Integrated long-term campaign.


Internet users are now predominantly using more than one connected device, switching from desktop to mobile to accomplish tasks, consume content and interact. To reflect this more fluid approach to digital communications, a new cross-device campaign category has been added. We’ve also expanded our web campaign sectors to more easily define between CSR, public sector, and charity. On top of this is our new Online Ad section to comprise display, native and Innovative online ad solutions.


Context is everything for Media, therefore breadth and clarity is required in order to recognise communication that truly shines. Refinements this year include a more definitive split between Use of TV and Other Screens in B categories, plus the reintroduction of Use of Technology. Three new specific data categories have been introduced in response to industry demand and a new ‘Excellence in Media’ section which aims to recognise the media agencies and craft behind the best work.


As the industry finds its feet with virtual reality on mobile devices, we are listening and reflecting what correct terms, descriptions and definitions are used for new and emerging technologies. As such, we believe that it is now important to differentiate between VR experiences and 360° videos when it comes to fair judging.


Returning this year fully restyled and revitalised for a more clearly defined entry process. PR has a new category focusing on PR reports, additional sectors and an expanded data and measurement section.

Print & Publishing

Still finding fresh ways of doing things after all these years, Print & Publishing welcomes a new ‘Innovative Use of Print’ category to celebrate what modern print can be.

Promo & Activation

Additions for 2017 include two new Use of Promo: Experience categories covering customer retail / In-store and Immersive customer experience. We have also included a brand new category to celebrate low budget / high impact campaigns.