Behind Eurobest-winning Work 

Join us as we delve into the stories behind 2020’s Eurobest-winning work. From the implementation of new pharmaceutical guidelines to clothing combatting extinction, these case studies uncover the meaning and motives of creatives on a mission to not only benchmark Europe’s creativity, but to change the world.



One half of all species are hanging by a thread.

At what points of the day do you spare a thought for the 10,000 species that go extinct each year1? If the answer is… ‘well, none’, then this campaign from Lacoste aims to get us thinking about biodiversity a whole lot more.

Scientists predict that on our current trajectory of habitat loss and global warming, between one third and one half of all species will face extinction by the end of this century2.


To highlight this crisis, on May 22nd, for the International Day for Biological Diversity, Lacoste went totally “Crocodile-Free” all around the world.

Its iconic crocodile logo donated its home to ten threatened species in every square foot of Lacoste’s main stores, across the globe.

All Lacoste communication and social platforms became totally “Crocodile-Free” – with all profits from sales made on the day going towards IUCN’s (International Union for Conservation of Nature’s) efforts to conserve threatened wildlife.

Behind Eurobest-winning Work

It all happened overnight.

In the dead of night, Lacoste transformed their flagship stores to remove ALL crocodiles, replacing them instead with a threatened species. The activation began in Paris, and then the openings followed the different time zones: Europe, USA, Asia. It was an ambitious transformation – and from shop windows to signs, and from furniture to clothing rails… no crocodile was left behind.

 The idea not only created queues around the block, it completely sold out. 

All crocodile-free Lacoste Polo Shirts sold out within 24 hours – and it was the first time in Lacoste’s 85 year history that their logo had ever changed. This campaign shows how activations made with a foundation of compassion can spark mass support from the public.

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“The collaboration with Lacoste is an excellent example of one of many roles that businesses can play to help stop the deterioration of our natural world. Further support from businesses and individuals is urgently needed...”


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1 Statistics from WWF biodiversity study

2 Cited Biodiversity Crisis Earthjustice, 2021