How to craft the perfect entry

Insiders tips from our Awards Experts.


eurobest awards recognise excellence in European creativity. This year, hundreds of people from across the region will enter. Winning means that your work has a set a new standard for creative and effective marketing communications in Europe. Of course, competition is fierce – only the most exceptional work will be honoured.

So, what can you do to make sure your work has the best chance of success? Our team of Awards Experts know the Awards inside out and they’re always happy to share their insight. We’ve put together a set of insider’s tips designed to help you craft the perfect entry.

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1. Take your time over your case film - it's the face of your entry

“So many case films fail to communicate a clear idea and a compelling strategy that isn’t cluttered and confusing. The need for focus and clarity cannot be under-estimated.”
PJ Pereira, Creative Chairman, Pereira & O’Dell

Your case film shouldn’t be an afterthought. Treat it like a piece of editorial – front-load your case film with the key points then flesh them out. If possible, think of your film as a ‘mini documentary’ to be made alongside the production of your campaign. And if you’re thinking about entering a piece of work into multiple Awards, you should consider tailoring your case film for each submission.

2. Less is more. Think simplicity

You’re dealing with professionals who are perfectly capable of grasping whether a project has merit based on a concise, coherent explanation.”
Mark Tutssel, Former Executive Chairman Worldwide, Leo Burnett

Take a step back from your piece of work, taking into consideration that you’re showing it to a new audience, and explain it in a way that distills its core elements. Be clear, assume no prior knowledge of your work or anything to do with it and remove any industry jargon. You could even consider getting someone who isn’t from the industry to look at your case film. If they can understand what you did and why, then your case film is ready.


Escape Train

This campaign for VR (Finnish Railways) by TBWA\Helsinki is an excellent example of taking a step back to appreciate the bigger picture. Nearly every Finn travels northwards for the holidays, but most don’t even consider taking the night train. To draw attention to its night trains, VR turned one of its actual trains into the world’s most ambitious escape room game.

3. Give careful consideration to culture and context

These are international juries and English is not always their first language. Please respect this diversity by making the entry easy to understand. Work that relies on a cultural nuance or cultural context to be understood will benefit from additional, supporting information. Make use of subtitles and introductory slides and send supporting physical materials – they’re very welcome!


Searching for the special colour of Seville

Everyone in Spain associates Seville with a special colour, but no on knew what that colour actually was. For Diageo Spain, PS21 Madrid identified the colour using data and launched a new gin, Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla, with it. The special colour became a huge trend and even helped boost Seville's tourism. It's an excellent example of a campaign engaging culturally.

4. Category selection is important

“Carefully consider the best category for your work and ensure that it demonstrates both relevance and specialty for its audiences.”
Rob Reilly, Global Creative Chairman, McCann Worldgroup

There are over 400 categories across the 23 eurobest Awards. We don’t expect you to know all of them – our Awards Experts are here to help. Send a summary of your work or rough cut of your case film to and our team will get back to you with some suggestions for the different places that you could consider submitting your work.


Hornbach "Werkstück Edition 001"

This experiential campaign from DIY superstore Hornbach saw the release of an exclusive furniture design that empowered customers and turned traditional design lovers into passionate brand ambassadors. Heimat Berlin identified the key elements of their campaign and gave careful consideration to where they entered it – leading to success across categories.

5. We are all storytellers. Tell a story

"Structure your explanation around a simple, powerful and entertaining narrative.”
Mark Adams, VP & Head of Innovation, Vice Media

So many case films are overly formulaic. The jury, like consumers, want to be entertained. Entertaining case films are remembered. People remember stories and characters – consider using a protagonist to tell your story and structure it around a compelling narrative.


The Photography Ban

The Photography Ban for Graubünden Tourism by Jung von Matt/Limmat Switzerland captivated the jury with a humorous case film featuring a protagonist who narrates the creative idea and highlights results.

6. Remember that results are important too

The results that your work achieved can account for up to 30% of the vote towards your entry, depending on the Award you entered. You’ll need to provide quantitative figures and stats that are robust, meaningful and clearly measurable. And you’ll need to link your results back to the original goals, strategies and objectives.

Each jury is looking for different results depending on the Award, so it’s important to tailor the results you’re showcasing in each of your submissions.


The Lost Typography of Bauhaus

The Lost Typography of Bauhaus for Adobe by Priest, Sweden, is an excellent example of a campaign that highlights what they achieved against not only the primary but also secondary KPIs.

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