How to win at eurobest

A case study from our Awards Experts.


Entries for eurobest are now open. Hundreds will submit their work but only the best of the best will be honoured at the Awards in December. What can you do to make sure your work has the best chance of success? Our team of Awards Experts know our systems inside out and are always willing to share their insights. So they've put together a series of videos that explain exactly how to win.


Part 1: The Value of a eurobest Award

Our Awards Team share essential information about the eurobest Awards, including:

  • What winning can do for your business
  • What's the ROI of winning an Award
  • How hard it is to win

Part 2: Entry Strategy

There are many approaches to entering work into the festival but here the team reveals the strategy that regular winners employ.


Part 3: What's New for 2019?

In the third part of our in-depth look at how to win at eurobest, the team share some 2019 specific information, including:

  • What's new for 2019
  • What's changed since 2018
  • More information about the categories and rules

Part 4: How to Craft a Winning Entry

Finally, our team explain how to specifically build an entry that will stand out and do justice to your ideas, including:

  • Where to start with the entry process
  • Tips from past juries and winners with examples