City guide - London museums

This is your definitive guide to getting a bit of creative inspiration outside of the festival venue.

The British Museum

Right around the corner, the British Museum is home to over seven million historical objects that'd take you months to view - all dedicated to human history, art and culture.

The School of Life

A hidden gem that's devoted to developing emotional intelligence through culture, and inspiring people to live wisely and well.

Somerset House and the Courtauld Gallery

London Fashion Week's former haunt and a brilliant 18th century building in its own right, Somerset House also has an unrivalled collection of some of the country’s best-loved paintings.

The Design Museum

A little bit further afield in Kensington, but another no brainer for creatives. It's been named "the world's leading institution dedicated to contemporary design and architecture" and there’s always an eye-opening exhibition to see.
Image: Hufton+Crow

The Photographer's Gallery

A huge public photography gallery, café and well-stocked bookshop in Soho - the ideal distance away from the festival venue for a lunchtime wander.
Image: Kate Elliot

Wardour News and Gosh Comics

Not exactly museums, but these two Soho-based pit stops are a creative's dream. Wardour News stocks a collection of art, design, fashion and photography magazines, while Gosh is a mecca for graphic novel and comic book fans.