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Catch up on the Talks from eurobest where we asked the big and difficult questions: “Will the rise of the freelancer kill the industry?”, “What scares the Europe’s biggest marketers?”, "How do you actually make the effective campaigns everyone is talking about?" and much more...

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Brands in the Basement - EE, KFC and SunTrust

Kelly Engstrom, Meg Farren, Krista Massey & Conor McNicholas

Utopia Inc.: What the Future Creative Industry Looks Like

Shahnaz Ahmed, Barbara Dzikanowice, Jaki Jo Hannan & Hannah Johnson

To Boldly Go Where No PR Person Has Gone Before

Colin Byrne & Jane Martinson

You Can't Do *That*: What's the Biggest Barrier to Creativity?

Krista Massey & Richard Parkinson

A Crash Course in Brand Storytelling

Lars Hemming, Aedamar Howlett &
Ed Woodcock

Brand Blend: The Growth of Technology, People and Brand

Who Owns Stories - Writer or Reader, Creator or Consumer?

Gianrico Carofiglio, Marianna Ghirlanda, Carla Leveratto & Cesare Salvini

The D Word: Not Just Another Diversity Panel

Harjot Singh, Sulaiman Khan, Asmita Dubey, Evadney Campbell MBE & Nicky Bullard

Networking Starts on the Dance Floor

Alan Miller

You Lost Me at ‘INFLUENCER'

Leila Fataar

The Best Ideas Don't Come in the Office

Jason Gonsalves, Ali Hanan, Laura Jordan-Bambach & Kathryn Tyler

Livity Presents Mixtape

Toyboy & Robin, Alex Goat, Tara Joshi, Kevin McFadyen & Ben Saul-Garner

Is Innovation or Creativity the Way to Corporate Growth?

Jonathan Hammond, Nigel Gwilliam, Lizzie Shupak & Lawrence Weber

Curating For The Independent Global Citizen

Jason Romeyko

We Are Our Most Important Client

Nils Leonard

Championing the Best of Creativity

Jessica Ings & Bryony Stone

The Superhumans Story

Dan Brooke

Fieldnotes for the Future Creative

Simon Gill & Marine Tanguy

Brands in the Basement - Diesel

Dario Gargiulo & Conor McNicholas

Vertically Unchallenged

Milton Elias, Kat Hahn & Grant Munro

Scrap Understanding Digital...Get Digital to Understand Us

Yifei Chai

Augmented Street Art: An Unconventional Creative Blend

Louis Bonichon & Stéphane Carricondo

Podcasting: The Last Frontier

Edith Bowman, Jez Nelson & Andy Zaltzman

Disrupting The Language

Dumi Oburota

Debate: The Rise of the Freelancer Economy will Kill the Creative Agency

Lorenzo Foffani, Ife Grillo, Pip Jamieson, Charlie Lyons & Jody Orsborn

Disrupting the Creative Process: The Art of Cultural Storytelling

Phil Kemish & Clement Marfo

This Is Not Just Food, This is Food Porn

Dr Cristina Balanzó & Jeff Bowerman

Inked: What Tattoo Artistry Teaches us About Branding

Tom Angell, Kerrie Finch, Henry Hate &
Jeff Horsley

Stores as Storytellers: Retail is Your New Favourite Magazine

Ross Bailey, Jon Lee & Abbie Oguntade

The UNinspiring Talk: Should We Stop Believing and Start Doubting?

Livio Basoli, Lorenzo Foffani & Paul Squirrell

The Power of Collective Genius in Disagreement

Bruno Bertelli & Amuraag Trikha

Create Against Hate

Mark Gardner, Karim Palant, Vikki Ross & Elizabeth Valleau

The World's First Protest Jacket

Andy Fowler & Cathal McAteer

If Your Brand Doesn't Have a Voice, You're Fucked

Jo McCrostie & Duncan Wisbey

Dissecting Good

Johan Pihl & Mathias Wikström

The eurobest Power Hour

Charlotte Cramer, Will de Groot, Jen Heazlewood, Marcie MacLellan, Shannie Mears, Scarlett Montanaro, Rebecca Rowntree & Simona Suman

Resilient Design: Predict the Future by Influencing It

Ruth Berktold & Julian Mohr

Redefining the Category

Andy Payne, Manfredi Ricca & Silvio Vigato

2017 eurobest Jury panel

Adrian Botan, Chris Moody & Zélia Sakhi

Advertising Pays: World Class Talent, World Class Advertising

President's Address: Interactive, Mobile and Digital Craft

Zélia Sakhi

When You’re Briefed to Shoot for the Moon

Victor Knaap & Joris Pol

This Girl Can: Generating a Return on Purpose

Kate Dale & Vicki Holgate

Unskippable Craft

Jonathan Entwistle, Lee Mason & James Morris

Change the Present, #makethefuture

Malena Cutuli & Alex Pallete

President's Address: Film, Print & Publishing and Print & Outdoor Craft

Richard Brim

Doors of Thrones

Mark Henry & Dave Monk

Inspiring Action in an Ephemeral World

Neil Boorman, Ian Crocombe, Graham Jenks, Clemmie Telford & Kate Wyn Jones

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