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winning work

Raising unheard voices.

Prime Video wanted to raise the unheard voices of the younger generation, specifically the voices of those living in “banlieues”; suburbs outside Paris where young people can often feel outcast and disconnected.

To combat this, they created the first 100% TikTok series, consisting of 12 one-minute videos that followed the everyday lives of various young people — simply giving them a common space to share, express themselves and interact with other people. For Prime Video this represented a great opportunity to share a whole new vision of youth today and convey a message of hope and inclusion.

winning work

Keeping it clean.

Mooimakers is the Flemish initiative against littering, motivating people to keep their streets clean. They leveraged Google Street View to shock people into seeing the reality of littering by showing it in their own neighbourhoods. The idea is that people have the same feeling about their streets as they have about their homes: they would rather keep it clean instead of having to be ashamed about it.

 Mothers can be rockstars too

Mothers can be rockstars too

Find out how VMLY&R Italy swept up an Award by turning a mother's shout of rebellion into an international campaign. Watch how their video manifesto, copy ad series and social activations meant “Rockin’ Mamas” went on to be Rolling Stone's most raw and human campaign yet.

 Making the impossible, possible

Making the impossible, possible

In a time where the world was going through untold changes, DAVID Madrid used uncertainty to their advantage to promote Burger King’s most confusing menu item: The Impossible Whopper: 100% Whopper, 0% meat.

Discover how their witty, relatable film, celebrating life's confusing moments garnered a Silver Eurobest Award in Film.


Reversing the damage

Unrealistic beauty standards have existed for several years and still sadly exists to this day - but worse. Rather than the media distorting the perception of beauty, young girls in particular are doing this to themselves. Discover how Dove and Ogilvy London targeted parents by leveraging Outdoor tactics.


Heetch a ride

With cheaper rides, better-paid drivers and 100% of taxes paid in France, Heetch is the fair alternative to Uber in France. The problem? It's difficult to get noticed when Uber is already everywhere. Read this case study to find out how Heetch hitched a ride to success.


Let’s TALLK about it.

ALS is a disease that leaves people completely immobile and silent. It’s the most expensive neurodegenerative disease to treat, and the technology that can assist sufferers costs €6,000.

Samsung Madrid cut this cost for ALS patients and made this assistance accessible for all by taking advantage of their own product.

By hijacking technology that already exists in almost every Samsung tablet camera, they developed a free app, the TALLK app, whichhelped ALS patients interact with the world around them for less than €200.


The key to driving change. 

In Belgium, Bob is not just a first name. it’s also an ‘iconic key chain’ and a nickname, recognised nationwide, that denotes or refers to a designated driver. For 25 consecutive years, police have awarded non-drunk drivers during alcohol checks with special BOB keychains.

To honour the 25th anniversary of the BOB-campaign, drunk drivers now also receive keychains – but with a twist.

These keychains bear the names of children who were killed in traffic accidents caused by a drunk driver. During alcohol checks, police handed out the keychains, with the names of eight different child drink-driving victims and the story behind each victim’s name.

Food for act

Act for Food

Act for Food is the strategic and creative platform that drove the corporate transformation of Carrefour in ten countries: impacting the entire value chain of the company, from the way we create our products and negotiate our contracts with producers, to the way we approach customer service in stores.


Migrants on Amazon.

The French NGO Auberge des migrants supports refugees stranded at the border between France and the UK. In 2021 their living conditions became a sanitary crisis, but absence of media coverage caused a lack of visibility that led to donations to hitting historical lows.

The campaign objective was simple: raise donations and awareness about the migrants’ living conditions, without any budget at all. Ten migrants from the camps were helped to hijack Amazon through leaving product reviews – that actually reviewed their living conditions – underneath the products they truly needed the most.

All products were gathered in Wishlists to generate donations.


VAR discount.

2020 was a year filled with cancelled tournaments, sports-events and sponsorships that left fans longing for the return of sports. Meanwhile, Scandinavian electronics retailer Elgiganten looked to find a new and engaging way to connect with this huge part of their audience – lovers of television.

Just in time for the opening match of the Premier League, Elgiganten hijacked the most debated part of football: the video assistant referee (VAR). This put Elgiganten at the heart of the game. The tactical approach led to NORD DBB, STOCKHOLM winning the prestigious Grand Prix Award for Breakthrough on a Budget.


Celebrating the staycation.

How do you bring people back to inter-city rail when the idea of post-lockdown international travel is back on the menu? German Rail answered this by celebrating the sights on their own doorstep. Why pay thousands to see the forests of Oregon when you could discover a gorgeous forest in Bavaria for just €19?

Ogilvy Frankfurt took this campaign one step further, using automation to dynamically change their ads (and the prices shown) based on destinations the user had recently browsed for a real-time, relevant, and competitive social media travel campaign.


Breaking blood taboos.

For the first time in the history of femcare campaigns, Essity and AMV BBDO broke away from the infamous ‘blue liquid’ visuals from campaigns of yore — swapping it instead for real blood and real life examples — destigmatising not just how we talk about periods, but how we show them too. Their campaigns featured common but real scenarios — like period blood trickling down a woman’s leg, a girl publicly asking for a pad, a man buying pads — to reveal and champion the emotional journey of periods, helping break not just one taboo, but dozens of them.


Let yourself bee influenced.

Bees are dying all over the world. We know this – but don’t realize the extent to which it hurts us. As pollinating insects, they play a critical role in global food production and biodiversity: 75% of the food we eat is the direct result of bees pollinating plants.

This piece of work from Publicis Paris and Fondation de France reached and influenced over 600,000 people – leading to the financing of 4 projects for bee preservation.

Uncensored library

Dealing with pressing matters.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) wanted an awareness campaign to highlight the importance of press freedom and overcome censorship. In order to reach young gamers in oppressive countries with no access to the mainstream media, RSF needed to activate the well-connected Minecraft community to spread the word inside the game.

The Uncensored Library went viral within days. Big gaming influencers like CaptainSparklez talked about it and gamers uploaded +500 gameplay videos on YouTube.


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