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From the Jury President's Perspective: Kervins Chauvet

Leading Eurobest 2023's Entertainment Jury

We interviewed Kervins Chauvet, Senior Creative, Wieden+Kennedy as he prepares to lead the Eurobest 2023 Entertainment Jury.

What is the best bit of creative advice you’ve ever heard?

Your goal should be to sell a brand by doing something that you'd want to call home about.

"Share what feels scary to share. Take chances. Be brave. Be vulnerable."

Kervins Chauvet

Senior Creative


What moment in your career defined where you are today?

In 2016, spilling my guts into an all-agency email sent to all of my peers at W+K Portland. "The Reason..." email is the moment I really learned the power of brave vulnerability coupled with being at the right place, at the right time, and surrounded by the right people.

Is there a legacy piece of European creativity within Entertainment you’d like to shout about?

When you say a legendary ad from the EU market, this Cadbury amazingness comes to mind and never gets old. It's an example how a simple idea conveyed brilliantly and beautifully can transcend all logic and win over everyone who encounters it.




In your opinion, what creates the best conditions for creative success?

Courage and brave clients with keen business acumen, plus good taste and trust in bold creativity to win over audiences against all odds. And of course vision to put forth the voices that society are ready to hear from.

What does ‘creative excellence’ mean to you?

Consistently proving an ability to move audiences through bold creative choices and sage empathy.

What’s the most common piece of advice or feedback you find yourself giving your teams regarding reaching ‘creative excellence’?

Tap into who you are and experiences that have stayed with you. You have a story, you're brought on, in part, to find clever and creative ways to share that story. Share what feels scary to share. Take chances. Be brave. Be vulnerable.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to entrants entering work into the Awards?

If it hasn't moved audiences and/or felt like a moment in the cultural zeitgeist, think about why you're submitting it.

Why does having your work benchmarked matter?

Because getting to a consensus in a room of creative peers who represent the larger industry, is a nearly impossible feat. When it happens, it's nothing short of special. It means you've struck a human chord.

What’s the best bit of advice you can give to creative leaders looking to foster creative excellence in their teams?

I keep this Dan Wieden quote on my desktop at all times:

"Look, if you are driving for excellence, let me suggest you tell your left brain to take a break now and then. And give your right brain permission to let all hell break loose. I am not kidding. If you want a creative organization capable of excellence, you have to allow disorder, and you personally have to foster a relationship with anxiety. With unpredictability."

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