Creative Business Transformation

The Creative Business Transformation Eurobest Award celebrates the creativity that drives businesses forward – creative thinking that changes how businesses organise themselves, how people work and how customers engage with them. This Eurobest Award recognises the ingenuity that leads to the creation of new products and services, and the reinvention of operations and customer experiences in companies of all sizes that drives transformative change.

Entries should demonstrate how creative change has been achieved across core business functions and has delivered a positive impact and growth for business, staff or customers. Including, but not limited to, the creation of new products and services, the use of technology and business design, and the reinvention of operations and customer experiences in order to generate transformative change.


A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 30% strategy & process; 35% experience & implementation; 35% business results & impact.

The same piece of work can be entered up to three times in Creative Business Transformation.

For Creative Business Transformation Eurobest Award the eligibility dates are 1st September 2019 - 31st October 2022.

Explore the categories

A. Customer Experience

Customer-facing creative transformations that have created new ways for brands to interact with their customers.

A01 Experience Transformation.
Creative transformation of the customer experience. Initiatives that strengthen customer relationships by creating seamless journeys that span the digital and physical worlds, characterised by timely and personalised touchpoints.

A02 Marketing Technology for Growth.
The strategic application of marketing technology to improve efficiency, reach more customers, strengthen engagement and deliver results, such as retention and conversion of customers. May include, for example, use of third-party platforms (CRM, CMS, payments systems etc.).

A03 Targeting, Insights & Personalisation.
Transformative approaches to customer insight and targeting to effectively build new products/services or scale existing ones. Work that uncovers behavioural truths that enable businesses to capture new audiences and/or create more relevant experiences.

A04 Creative Application of Emerging Technology.
Application of new or emerging technology that transformed how a brand/business and its customers interact, including but not limited to the application of AI, data intelligence, cognitive tools, voice assistance etc.

B. Business Design & Operations

Re-design of internal operations to drive results, engage employees and build culture.

B01 Operational Transformation.
Wholesale, internal transformation that has created value through the scaled adoption of new or modified ways of working, such as operating models, processes or tools. Changes may involve staff, suppliers, distributors, consumers, regulators/governments.

B02 Brand Purpose & Impact.
Transformation of a brand’s ethical or socially-driven purpose that authentically connects with customers, culture and society. How purpose has been embedded across core business functions including, but not limited to, product development, customer experience, marketing, people management, supply chain etc.

B03 Company Culture.
Creative transformation of the internal culture of a business/brand, based around its human skills and capabilities. Initiatives that demonstrate a clear vision resulting in improved experience for employees that strengthen engagement and/or staff retention and positive outcomes for the business.

B04 New Relationship Models.
Reinvention of the way customers use existing products/services, through the creation of new routes to market and delivery methods, such as direct-to-customer models, subscriptions and service-based propositions, often that blend digital and physical behaviours to create long-term customer relationships.

B05 End-to-end Transformation.
Celebrating how a business successfully transforms inside and out – from internal operations, teams, training programs, policies, to the choice of suppliers and partners, and how all this impacts the products and services, communications and customer experience. Entries should demonstrate tangible results within every stage or touchpoint of the transformation.
* There is an increased eligibility for this category of 5+ years.

C. Product & Service

New or reinvented product or service design that drives results and business performance.

C01 Product / Service Design.
New or reinvented physical / digital product or cross-channel service design, launched by an existing brand, which has transformed the offer of that brand, addressing evolving customer needs and delivering a frictionless customer journey that is integrated across multiple touchpoints.

D. Venture Creation & Design

The creative adoption or design of venture capital models to transform brands and/or businesses.

D01 Venture Models & Corporate Innovation.
Solving business problems through an outside-in approach. The successful creation and launch of new products / services developed in venture models including, but not limited to, use of incubators, accelerators, R&D, and investments in start-ups etc.

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